OsmoSculpt products are preservative-free dermocosmetic products that actively respect your skin’s ecology. With a highly-concentrated formulation of slimming and anti-ageing ingredients, they perfectly complement MyCosmosoft at-home devices and greatly optimise their efficacy.


Activator of the skin's natural functions


Osmosis is the magic formula of OsmoSculpt products: it is through the combined action of an intelligent hydrogel and the latest generation of proven active ingredients that the ritual is accomplished.

OsmoSculpt hydrogels act as an “osmotic pump” that allows water molecules to migrate to the surface through the skin tissue, acting as activators of skin restructuring.

Thus, OsmoSculpt hydrogels increase cellular exchanges and oxygenation of the skin and stimulate skin repair promoters.

OsmoSculpt: a reinforced hydrating effect* and a potentiation of the action of the active ingredients.

The properties of OsmoSculpt open up a new way of caring for fragile skin or skin weakened by an aggressive environment. The products are self-protecting, which avoids the use of preservatives.

OsmoSculpt products are free of fragrances and dyes, further protecting the skin’s ecology.

In addition, the formulation of OsmoSculpt hydrogels gives them a strong power of diffusion of the active ingredients towards the areas to be treated.

OsmoSculpt skincare products guarantee maximum tolerance** and optimal effectiveness to maintain healthy skin.

* Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

** Tolerance tested under dermatological control

OsmoSculpt Hydrogel Anti-Age

OsmoSculpt Anti-Ageing

The key active ingredient in OsmoSculpt Anti-Aging is world-renowned: Matrixyl. Its biological messenger properties stimulate the renewal of your collagen. In a few weeks, it makes your skin smoother, more supple and more beautiful. Your epidermis is regenerated, your wrinkles and fine lines gradually fade away.

Thanks to its osmotic power, OsmoSculpt Anti-Aging deeply hydrates* your skin. Thus, your skin is filled with water and activates its power of repair and elimination of cellular waste.

After a few applications, your skin is plumped, smoothed and moisturized. Your face is revealed and so is your beauty.

* Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

OsmoSculpt Anti-Ageing can be used alone, morning and night for a regenerating and firming effect of the skin in a few weeks.

Pour a generous amount of OsmoSculpt Anti-Ageing into the palm of your hand and apply from the bottom of the neck up to the forehead as shown in the diagram. The movements should be fluid and gentle so as not to sensitize the skin and preserve its youthfulness.


OsmoSculpt Anti-Aging, applied under the FaceSculptor Lift face strap, allows the skin to gain radiance, it becomes smoother and better hydrated from the first application. Over the course of the sessions, the skin becomes firmer.

1. Apply OsmoSculpt Anti-Ageing generously to the face and neck at the location of the FaceSculptor Lift Active Strap, massage the gel in effectively, wait a few minutes for proper penetration, and then apply the strap. OsmoSculpt Anti-Ageing then activates the skin channels, as described above, allowing for perfect synergy during the FaceSculptor Lift session.

2. At the end of the session, reapply a generous amount of OsmoSculpt Anti-Ageing to the entire face and neck and massage with the gua sha to enhance the effects of FaceSculptor Lift.

Application OsmoSculpt Anti-Age

A FaceSculptor Lift + OsmoSculpt Anti-Ageing efficacy test, conducted by the Institute of Clinical Expertise in January 2023, on 20 people (5 men and 15 women) over a period of 6 weeks demonstrated remarkable, statistically significant efficacy on the main “anti-aging” criteria shown opposite (see table)

This test concluded that there was a statistically significant improvement in ptosis (reshaped facial oval), skin smoothness, radiance and hydration compared to the initial evaluations. In addition, a statistically significant improvement in the severity of wrinkles and skin firmness was observed with a percentage of variation twice as high at T6 weeks than at T3 weeks.

OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite

OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite contains a lipolytic and firming active ingredient, Lipocare: a hydroglycolic solution containing caffeine, coenzyme A and Bupleurum chinensis extract.

Delivered via an osmotic hydrogel to the adipose skin cells, Lipocare attacks cellulite by stimulating the breakdown of fats and elimination of excess fatty acids.

In just a few weeks, the “orange peel” appearance is gradually reduced (-33%) and the skin appears significantly firmer.


OsmoSculpt Anti-Cellulite can be used alone, morning and night for a firming and anti-cellulite effect in a few weeks.

Pour a generous amount of gel into the palm of your hand and apply the product to the stomach, hips and thighs, massaging with circular movements until it is completely absorbed. Pay particular attention to the “love handles”.

Apply a dollop of hydrogel above the navel and spread it from the navel outwards, then massage it in using circular movements until it is fully absorbed. Repeat the process twice, focussing on “love handles”.

To notice a full effectiveness, a cure of 8 weeks is recommended. Its light and ultra-penetrating texture gives the skin a smooth and toned appearance and allows you to get dressed immediately.


OsmoSculpt Anti-Cellulite, applied under the BodySculptor Move abdominal belt, has a double benefit: body remodeling and skin tightening.

1. Apply OsmoSculpt Anti-Capitons generously to the hips and abdomen in the area of the BodySculptor Move active strap, massage effectively to make the gel penetrate, wait a few minutes for good penetration and apply the strap. OsmoSculpt Anti-Capitons then activates the skin channels, as described above, allowing for perfect synergy during the BodySculptor Move session.

2. At the end of the session, reapply a generous amount of OsmoSculpt Anti-Capitons to the whole of the hips and abdomen and massage in circular motions in order to potentiate the effects of BodySculptor Move.