The cult slimming device used in beauty salons for the last 20 years is finally available to use at home. Drop clothes sizes effortlessly while you go about your daily life. The stuff of dreams? With BodySculptor, it’s reality!


Achieving a perceptible facelift effect from the comfort of your home, without pain or risk, is now possible with FaceSculptor Lift. In just a few weeks, your face will look slimmer, lines smoothed out and your skin firmer.

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OsmoSculpt products are preservative-free dermocosmetic products that actively respect your skin’s ecology. With a highly-concentrated formulation of slimming and anti-ageing ingredients, they perfectly complement MyCosmosoft at-home devices and greatly optimise their efficacy.

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My Cosmosoft : Stimulate a slimmer, more youthful you, in your own time


BodySculptor is now available in a “move” version, so that you can slim as you go about your daily activities: reading, doing sport, travelling, shopping, etc. Grab one now.

A firming and slimming device for the face and neck to slim double-chins, visibly reduce wrinkles and improve the look and texture of the skin.

OsmoSculpt provides an innovative solution to current dermocosmetic imperatives. It boosts the results achieved with BodySculptor Move and FaceSculptor Lift.