OsmoSculpt products are preservative-free dermocosmetic products that actively respect your skin’s ecology. With a highly-concentrated formulation of slimming and anti-ageing ingredients, they perfectly complement MyCosmosoft at-home devices and greatly optimise their efficacy.


Respecting skin ecology

Designed on the principle of osmosis, the OsmoSculpt basic range provides an innovative solution to current dermocosmetic imperatives, combining an osmo-active hydrogel with next-generation active ingredients in all its products.

Improved hydration* and potentiation of active ingredients: these features of the OsmoSculpt range, produced by the combination of an osmo-active hydrogel with their active ingredients, provide a new skincare solution for delicate skin or skin damaged by an aggressive environment.

The products in the OsmoSculpt range are self-preserving, avoiding the need for preservatives.

OsmoSculpt products are free of colours or fragrance, which also helps to protect the skin’s ecology.

What’s more, OsmoSculpt hydrogels are specially formulated to deliver the active ingredients more effectively to the areas that need them. The osmo-active hydrogel boosts the targeted effects of the OsmoSculpt product range. The OsmoSculpt range guarantees maximum tolerance and an optimal result for truly healthy skin

*hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

OsmoSculpt Products
OsmoSculpt Hydrogel Anti-Age

OsmoSculpt anti-ageing

An osmotic hydrogel, with a self-preserving formula delivering a world-famous anti-ageing ingredient, Matrixyl. Matrixyl is a peptide, a biological messenger responsible for stimulating the renewal of collagen fibres in the dermal matrix. In just a few weeks, OsmoSculpt anti-ageing hydrogel makes the skin smoother, more supple and younger-looking. The epidermis appears regenerated, and wrinkles and fine lines gradually fade.

With its osmotic capability, OsmoSculpt naturally hydrates** the skin via the blood microcapillaries.

Once fully hydrated, the skin activates its repair and cellular waste elimination processes. After 12 to 18 sessions, the skin appears significantly firmer and more supple.

**hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

Applying OsmoSculpt anti-ageing

Apply OsmoSculpt anti-ageing in the morning and at night for renewed, firmer skin in just a few weeks.

Pour a generous dollop of serum into the palm of your hand and apply the hydrogel from the bottom of the neck, working upwards towards the forehead, as shown in the picture. Use soft, smooth movements to avoid irritating the skin and to maintain its youthful appearance.

Application OsmoSculpt Anti-Age

A preservative-free dermo-osmotic skincare range that respects your skin’s ecology.

OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite 250 ml

OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite contains a lipolytic and firming active ingredient, Lipocare: a hydroglycolic solution containing caffeine, coenzyme A and Bupleurum chinensis extract.

Delivered via an osmotic hydrogel to the adipose skin cells, Lipocare attacks cellulite by stimulating the breakdown of fats and elimination of excess fatty acids.

In just a few weeks, the “orange peel” appearance is gradually reduced (-33%) and the skin appears significantly firmer.


Applying OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite

Apply OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite in the morning and at night for a firming and anti-cellulite effect in just a few weeks.

Pour a generous dollop of serum into the palm of your hand and apply to the top of your outer thigh. Massage it in using a circular motion, working firmly all along your thigh. Repeat the process along the inside of your thighs.

Apply a dollop of hydrogel above the navel and spread it from the navel outwards, then massage it in using circular movements until it is fully absorbed. Repeat the process twice, focussing on “love handles”.